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Blok — 56 Genderless Ring
Blok — 56 Genderless Ring
Blok — 56 Genderless Ring
Blok — 56 Genderless Ring
Blok — 56 Genderless Ring

Blok — 56 Genderless Ring

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Blok — 55 ring is a contemporary take on the traditional signet ring. The gender-neutral model suits any body shape or size. Features a hexagonal stone made of ultra-fine, lightweight and impact-resistant concrete set into a 925 sterling silver band. This versatile piece looks beautiful when worn on its own, as well as paired with multiple rings for a bold, classic look. Made by hand.

✓    Consciously produced by independent designers
✓    Made by hand in small runs
✓    Ultra-fine, lightweight and impact-resistant concrete
✓    Recycled 925 sterling silver
✓    Safe and secure online shopping
✓    Fast delivery with duties and taxes included
  • Dimensions
    23mm x 29mm x 40mm
  • Material
    All our products are made using a specially crafted, high-performance concrete developed in our lab specifically for our jewellery. It’s highly resistant to breaking, chipping and weathering, and features ultra fine texture.

    We produce our concrete by hand, which gives each piece a slight variation in terms of colour and texture. Concrete may become darker through time as it interacts with moisture and air. This is a natural property of concrete and entirely normal.

    Set into a 925 recycled sterling silver housing.
  • Care
    Concrete is a porous and permeable material by nature. Water will penetrate concrete pores and weaken the material, thus making it more prone to breaking. To ensure longevity keep your jewellery dry and avoid contact with moisture.

    We use a high-performance concrete that has a strong resistance to breaking. However, if collided with sharp and hard surfaces concrete may chip. To avoid chipping and breaking always handle your jewellery with care.
  • Returns Policy
    We accept returns within 14 days of the delivery date. 

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