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Zoé de Huertas is committed to quality and transparency. ​While each design carries within it inspiration from around the world, every following step is made in Italy by local artisans. According to luxury standards, every single bag is hand stitched in a small family owned workshop in Rome, whose knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.

The focus is not only on the products, but also on the responsible use of key components. Sustainable materials, fair working conditions as well as traditional craftsmanship largely determine the final product. ​The clean and timeless designs are made to last - avoiding seasonal trends.

While paying great attention to quality, they are also committed to limit their negative impact on the environment. Sourcing high quality, free range leathers which come from European certified tanneries. Some of their leathers are vegetable tanned and metal free, while others are sourced from tanneries with limited impact on the environment. To limit waste and overproduction they prefer to produce small quantities.

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